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Our Licensed Physical Therapists and Chiropractors are Highly Experienced and have Advanced Training in Neurological Rehabilitation.

Functional Neurology Rehabilitation

Neurological Treatment with Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy

Neurological conditions affect the nerves, spinal cord, and brain, and as a result, these conditions can damage different body parts. People who suffer from neurological disorder have difficulty with movement, balance, speech, and muscle control.

Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Program

The outpatient neurological rehabilitation program at Action Physical Therapy is designed to help patients improve their impairment that is a result of a neurological disease or injury. Before we develop a treatment plan, our clinical team addresses the unique needs of each of patients because the effects of a neurological disorder can vary greatly from one patient to another.  This is the reason why we offer a wide variety of services to help our patients find the power to overcome their illness. We are focused on acquiring advanced expertise and training by using breakthrough technology for neurological rehabilitation to ensure the greatest result for every patient that comes for treatment at on of our many  South Florida’s clinics.

Medical Conditions Action Physical Therapy Treats for Neurological Disorders

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Program specializes in the treatment of different conditions, including:

  •  Brain injury;
  •  Stroke;
  •  Spinal cord injury;
  •  Multiple sclerosis;
  • Vestibular disorders.

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • · Activities of daily living retraining;
  • · Cognition and memory;
  • · Balance training;
  • · Vestibular training;
  • · Fall prevention;
  • · Stroke rehabilitation;
  • · Spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

Understanding How Action Physical Therapy’s Treatment Program help with Neurological Difficulties

The brain and spinal cord are responsible for controlling sensation and movement. Brain and spinal cord injuries can seriously damage the cells that control sensation and movement, and as a result, the patient loses function. A physical therapy is very important because without it, patients who have experienced a neurological injury might lose many functions and won’t be able to perform everyday activities. Not getting enough activity leads to other serious health problems, like heart problems, diabetes, lung problems, decreased mobility and independence, and a poor quality of life.

We are knowledgeable about how the body works and that is why we offer our services to teach our patients how to move correctly again. We provide our care not only to our patients, but to

their families as well, because addressing the needs to attain their goals and achieve optimal function is what we are committed to.




At Action Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists and chiropractors are highly experienced in their field and have advanced training in neurological rehab. We allow our patients to obtain professional, comprehensive neurological rehab in one of many South Florida’s convenient locations where they can begin their recovery road. We target the behavioral, cognitive, motor, and sensory processing systems that impact the functionality for people who experience impairments with their central nervous system.  Call an Action Physical Therapy center near you so that we may assist you in regaining your functionality and mobility following various neurological events.

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