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Choose Action Physical Therapy for Arthritis Pain

Living with Arthritis

Understanding How Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care Can Provide Relief for Arthritis Pain

Arthritis rehabilitation is more prominent as a treatment option than most consumers are aware of.  Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic disability in people of all ages. It is a disease that is characterized by pain, discomfort, swelling, and limited movement in the connective tissues and joints. Although there is no cure, there are still treatments that will help you maintain and improve the mobility and strength of your joints. You don’t have to let arthritis to stop you from enjoying the activities you like; with our help, you can enhance your abilities to overcome your physical limitations.

Arthritis Rehabilitation Program

People who suffer from arthritis are at risk for muscle atrophy, decreased flexibility and muscle strength, and reduced cardiovascular endurance. Therefore, our approach utilizes rehabilitative techniques so that our patients can improve their sense of well-being. Our arthritis rehabilitation program includes a combination of education and exercise and is designed to cover different topics in order to help our patients manage their symptoms and lessen the impact of this disease on their life.

What is Action Physical Therapy’s focus?

We focus on the relationship between function and structure. For example, if the structure of your joint is not right, then it won’t be able to work as it was designed. We can maximize the function of your arthritis joint so that you can have the kind of life you want. The goal of our arthritis rehabilitation program is maintaining and improving your range of motion and joint strength. Needless to say, rehabilitation needs time and requires patience because joint strengthening doesn’t happen overnight. Improvement comes gradually – the body gets more adept and stronger slowly over time – and that’s why consistent rehabilitation practice is essential.

How Can Arthritis Rehabilitation Help You?

We will help you overcome your physical limitations and pain so that you can function independently. Our arthritis rehabilitation program focuses on assisting you with practical strategies to accomplish your everyday tasks all by yourself, both at work and at home. Our treatments also include education in self-care and instructions in using assistive devices for patients who need them. Your rehabilitation arthritis therapy will depend on your needs and symptoms and might include different treatment choices, like rest, heat, electrical stimulation, topical creams, therapeutic exercises including stretching, stabilizing, strengthening, aerobic exercises, and so on.

With your help, we will find ways to keep your condition under control. Once you start to feel better, you can continue your arthritis rehabilitation plan in your home by yourself. Of course, we will be here for you because we’re continuing to be your resource.

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