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Such injuries are very common in professional sports and might result due to overuse of any part of the body or due to any sudden trauma occurring while playing a sports game.

What You Need to Know About Sports Related Injuries and Treatment

Sports related injuries is a term that broadly refers to any physical injuries that might be caused while participating in any kind of sports or during exercise. Such injuries are very common in professional sports and might result due to overuse of any part of the body or due to any sudden trauma occurring while playing the game. Several safety precautions are being taken by the modern sports corporations to prevent sports injuries in order to lessen the physical trauma that the professional athletes need to go through.

Sports Related Injuries

From knee problems to back pain, sports related injuries can be very risky as they can seriously damage your musculoskeletal system. Any sports activity, whether it’s running, jumping, playing basketball, or swimming, might result in you getting injured. Without a good and proper treatment, a sports injury can keep you on the sidelines for a long time.

What are the most common sports related injuries?

• Knee injuries

• Strains and sprains

• Swollen muscles

• Painful shins

• Achilles tendon injuries

• Fractures

• Tennis elbow

• ACL tear

Do not “work through” your injury

Putting your body through various sports activities can result in strains, sprains, or painful tears. Whatever you do, don’t try to “work through” your sports injury because that might worsen the damage to your muscles or connective tissues.

How does Action Physical Therapy Treat Sports Related Injuries?

Action Physical Therapy treatments can lessen the physical trauma from different sports related injuries. After your first visit, we will examine your condition and determine the cause of your pain. If we see that the cause is in your spine, we will manually adjust your spine, ensuring it’s lined up and balanced. That way, all tension in your body parts will be relieved, and your body will function better and will become less susceptible to other injuries in the future.

Acute and Chronic Sports Related Injuries

In general, there are two types of sports related injuries: acute and chronic injuries. Acute injuries occur abruptly when you’re exercising or playing sports, while chronic injuries occur after you exercise or play sports for a longer period of time. Whatever the type is, we will restore and enhance your joint function while reducing the pain caused by joint inflammation. Our therapy treatments treat all types of sports related injuries, while our techniques relieve the pain throughout the muscles and joints in your body.

After you tell us the details about how did you get injured, we will perform a structural examination of your spine, posture, balance, back, extremities, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Once we have all information, we will determine the type of treatment that will help your condition.

Immobilization might be necessary, so to prevent a further damage, we might have to keep the affected area immobile with casts, splints, slings, or leg immobilizers. Rehabilitation is the essential part of sports related injuries treatment. Rehabilitation doesn’t mean lying in bed all day, but gentle exercising that will help you stimulate circulation throughout your entire body. If necessary, we will gently stretch the injured part of your body to reduce the risk of injuring that part again.

At Action Physical Therapy, we combine the science of a proper treatment with a professional knowledge of the human body. Our work is dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients, so you can be sure that you will receive the best treatment to relieve the pain you’re going through.

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