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Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care for Herniated Discs

Herniations Disc Treatment

Outpatient Physical Therapy for Herniated Discs

Herniations disc is another common condition among the US population. It occurs when the cushion-like pads (disks) between the vertebrae move out of their position and press on the adjacent nerves. The affected area can be anywhere along the spine, but in most cases, it affects either the neck region or lower back. A herniations disc is caused by trauma or injuries to the spine, but this condition can also be a result of the aging process we are all going through.  Physical Therapy can offer relief for those suffering with a Herniated Disc.   Physical Therapy may include deep tissue massage, hot/cold therapies, hydrotherapy, and specific exercises.

What are the Symptoms of Herniations Disc?

  • Arm or leg pain – if your herniations disc is in your neck, you will feel intense pain in your arm or shoulder; if it’s in your lower back, the pain will be most intense in your buttocks, calf, and thigh.
  • Tingling and numbness – you will feel tingling and numbness around the muscles served by the affected area.
  • Weakness – due to the fact that the muscles served by the nerves which are affected tend to weaken, you won’t be able to hold or lift items.

If your back and neck pain travels down your leg or arm, or if you’re feeling numb and weak, don’t wait longer and immediately seek medical attention. When it comes to the treatment of herniations disc, the options are medications, surgery, physical therapy, and alternative medicine – massage and chiropractic. New findings confirm that more and more people choose alternative medicine; more than 90% of patients with herniations disc report significant improvements within a few months of receiving chiropractic adjustment.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Heal a Herniated Disc?

On your first visit, we will take your complete medical history and perform an exam in order to determine the nature of the possible causes of your condition. Once we will determine that the symptoms you have are likely to respond to a chiropractic treatment, we will use our techniques that will help you relieve your pain. The treatments we are using differ from one patient to another because we always prepare an individualized plan that will meet the specific preferences of each patient that walks into our office. We will also educate and provide you with instructions for self-management so that you can control and even help eliminate your pain with correct body mechanics and proper posture.

Our job doesn’t end here; we will monitor every change in your condition very carefully. In case your symptoms don’t improve in a few months, we will discuss with you the benefits and risks of other treatment plans, including physical therapy, spinal injections, acupuncture, or surgery. With both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care Treatments, you can enjoy improved mobility, less pain, and better quality of life.

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