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Bicycle Accidents Injuries Can Be Treated at Action Physical Therapy

Bicycle Accidents Injuries

Sometimes, drivers do not operate their vehicle with the level of care and attention as required of them. They may strike a bicyclist while changing lanes or cut in front of a bicyclist without allowing the bicyclist time to stop or change directions. Other times, drivers may strike a bicyclist who is riding in a bike path or even crossing the street in the crosswalk.

Biking is one of the most popular forms of recreation. Its benefits are endless – from healthy reasons to your sense of freedom and exploring new places, but it’s also an activity that puts you at risk of bicycle accidents injuries. Bicycle crashes are quite common; statistics show that more than 500,000 people visit the US emergency rooms each year due to bicycle accidents. Injuries range from impacts either with an object or another vehicle that leave the cyclist with bruises and scraped knees to being thrown over their bike leaving them seriously injured.

Although it doesn’t look like it, biking can be very risky, especially if your bike is not well-maintained and you don’t use the proper equipment. Besides wearing a helmet, you need a proper alignment and strong muscles to minimize or avoid bicycle accidents injuries.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care for Bicycle Accidents Injuries

Bicycle accidents injuries are common causes of trauma to the central nervous system and spine. The symptoms might not be felt right after the accident, so if you have been in an accident, make sure you’re visiting a chiropractor right away for a comprehensive body evaluation. Through thorough examination techniques, we at Action Physical Therapy will detect even the smallest damage to your supportive tissues and can also identify spinal misalignment – also known as subluxations. Keep in mind that a nervous system damage might not be noticeable until days, weeks, or even months after the accident, so if left untreated, your condition can worsen, leading to dysfunction of the nervous system and spinal degeneration.

Concussions From A Bicycle Accident

One area of special concern when it comes to bicycle accidents injuries is concussion.

Concussion symptoms include:

· Headache;

· Neck pain;

· Restricted neck motion;

· Nervousness;

· Fatigue;

· Nausea;

· Ringing in the ears;

· Trouble with balance;

· Not being able to concentrate;

· Numbness in your extremities.

The good news is that we can help you with all these issues.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Cyclists

If you feel pain in your neck or head, we will work on your neck muscles and realign your spine. We will also massage away the soreness from your body and teach you some stretching exercises so that you can learn how to make yourself less prone to bicycle accidents injuries in the future.

If you feel pain in your lower back, we will realign your spine in this area that will ease the pain. We will show you some exercises that are beneficial for your core muscles, and we will advise you on healthy posture while cycling in the future.

If you feel numbness in your arms and legs due to pressure on your joints or compressed disks in your spine, we will take away the pressure from your extremities with therapeutic treatment.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that only high-speed traffic accidents can cause damage. Bicycle accidents can cause a serious damage to your body, and if not treated on time, can result in lifelong issues. In addition to the physical problems, our treatments support your nervous system and musculoskeletal system, helping you heal quickly from both physical and emotional trauma. We advise you to visit us as soon as possible after your bicycle accident so that we can evaluate your condition and determine the best treatment plan for you.

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