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Muscle Spasms - Treatment and Prevention Tips

Treatment and Prevention Tips for Muscle Spasms

Causes and symptoms of muscle spasms

Muscle spasms are sudden and severe muscle contraction that can happen to any body part and last from a few seconds to several minutes, or even longer, depending on the cause. Muscle spasms are actually symptoms which are telling you that you’re doing something wrong with your body. They are caused by irritation of the nerves that control the spinal joints and discs. These nerves are the same ones that control muscle contraction in the back. When irritation happens in the body, the nerves produce discomfort and reflex spasm, which is a body’s way of stopping motion in order to protect an injured joint.

Many people have experienced muscle spasms as a result of overexertion. Spasms usually last for a few seconds. However, if they last longer, you should evaluate the cause and symptoms and see a health care professional.

Some of the most common things that contribute to developing muscle spasms are:

• Muscle fatigue;

• Dehydration;

• Improper stretching;

• Malfunctioning nerves;

• Vitamin or mineral deficiency;

• Exercising in the heat.

The symptoms include extreme pain, discomfort, and tightness in the affected muscle. Although it can happen to every part of your body, it’s most common in the back, thigh, calf, and foot.

How can muscle spasms be treated?

The goods news is that muscle spasms respond very well to chiropractic care, so if you think you have the symptoms we described above, visit us and after we will diagnose your condition, we will come up with a treatment for you. We use static and motion palpation to access the affected area of restricted joint motion, muscle spasms, and tissue tone. We will also evaluate the tonicity of different back and neck muscles. Our treatments include focused spinal adjustment, trigger point therapy, traction methods, soft tissue mobilization (using instruments), muscle stretching exercises, targeted message, and modalities for physical therapy like electrical and ultrasound stimulation. Our techniques improve the blood flow throughout your body, which is crucial when you’re suffering from such condition because blood circulation replenishes fluid in the muscles and reduces muscle spasms.

Through a detailed case history and examination of your condition, we will determine the cause of your muscle spasms and come up with a treatment care plan to fix the underlying cause of your problem. We will also share with you prevention tips you should follow that will keep you safe from experiencing muscle spasms again.

If you frequently experience muscle spasms, but you think it’s nothing serious just because the pain lasts for a few seconds, you’re wrong. Any type of discomfort in your body is a signal that you have a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Call us today, schedule an appointment, and let us treat your muscle spasms.

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