Rotator Cuff Injuries

At Action Physical Therapy, we are constantly improving and learning the latest techniques for repairing rotator cuff injuries.  Although common, rotator cuff injuries can be very serious, especially if left untreated.  Having a comprehensive exam with one of our doctors at Action Physical Therapy is your first step in seeking proper care.  In most cases, rotator cuff injuries are very painful and slow to heal.

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff is actually a group of 4 muscles and their tendons. They connect the upper-arm bone to the shoulder blade, so their role is to keep the shoulder joint healthy and stable.  However, as any part of our body, the rotator cuff can also become irritated or inflamed due to a fall, repetitive arm movements, or heavy lifting.  Rotator cuff injuries occur when the injured muscle or tendons cause damaging of the tissue.The symptoms of rotator cuff injuries are shoulder weakness, pain over the top of the shoulder and down the arm, and painful shoulder motion. The arm also can feel weak, heavy, and painful.

Diagnosing a Rotator Cuff Tear

To diagnose your condition, we will first review your general health history and perform a detailed examination that will help us find the cause of your shoulder problem. Our specialized tests might cause you to feel a temporary discomfort but that’s a totally normal part of the diagnostic procedure that identifies the source of your pain.

Treatment of a Rotator Cuff Injury

How can physical therapy at Action Physical Therapy help a rotator cuff injury?

Once your condition has been diagnosed, we will make a treatment plan for you that will focus on restoring your range of motion, coordination, and muscle strength, so that you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible.  We divide rotator cuff injuries program into more phases, depending on your needs.  Progressing to the next phase depends on your treatment progress, which means we don’t follow any set protocols; we strictly follow each patient’ medical conditions.

What does therapy sessions at Action Physical Therapy entail?

We usually start with mobility and stretching exercises, then we add strengthening exercises to the treatment, and last but not least, we complete the program with plyometric activities like tossing a medicine ball. This jump training technique helps to ensure your body is back to recovery.

Home Exercise Program

We always instruct our patients to continue the exercises at home as part of the treatment program. The home treatment program builds on itself through every phase of the rehabilitation process. A recent study was published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery followed more than 400 patients with rotator cuff injuries that were undergoing outpatient physical therapy.  The results showed that 74% of the patients were able to avoid a surgical procedure by performing physical therapy.

At Action Physical Therapy, our comprehensive therapy program designed for post rotator cuff injuries includes an emphasis on improving shoulder motion, restoring dynamic stabilization of the shoulder joint, and enhancing imbalances in the muscles, helping you avoid the surgery.

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