Outpatient Physical Therapy After a Work Related Injury

Many people sustain injuries at the work place. At Action Physical Therapy, we have substantial amount of experiencing working with worker’s compensation injuries.  Maybe you had a fall, trauma to your neck or back, fracture, overuse injury, no matter what your condition is we are here to help. Our clinical team is here to devise a plan of care customized for rehabilitation to ensure your safe return to work in a timely manner. We understand your health is important and injury can impact your ability to work, our job is to allow you to return to your optimum potential with the best care possible.

Serious workplace injuries are more common than you actually think. Statistics show that every year millions of workers in the United States suffer serious work-related injuries. Most of the injuries are random incidents that can happen to anyone at any time. Furthermore, the risk of these injuries can differ from one working field to another depending on the industry.  Whether you sustained an injury as a cubical worker at an IT firm or an assembly line worker in an auto manufacturing plant, Action Physical Therapy can help.  No matter what injury you may have sustained at work, ultimately the employee is responsible for taking care of his/her own well-being when it comes to taking caution during their job performance, while the employer is obligated to ensure a safe work environment.

What are the most common work-related injuries?

Some of the most common work-related injuries are repetitive motion injuries, machine entanglement, vehicle accidents, falling object injuries, falling from height injuries, slipping/tripping, and overexertion injuries, to name a few. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t treat workers compensation claims because they need a detailed understanding of the laws and special documentation of the care procedures. At Action Physical Therapy, our clinical team is well versed in documentation and treatment of workers’s compensation claims to make help make the process of outpatient rehabilitation therapy a pleasant experience.

Outpatient Physical Therapy After A Worker Related Injury

Most of these injuries are related to joints, bones, muscles, and nerves. More than half of all work-related injuries include the spine. Our comprehensive rehabilitation program includes treating acute and chronic conditions that result from different injuries.

Our goals are to return the injured worker back to work as soon as possible with the help of an individualized therapy and to assist case managers and risk/safety managers in reducing lost days. At Action Physical Therapy, we understand what you’re are going through, and that’s why we will be your coach for your successful return to work.

According to our patient’s input, we will develop a treatment plan designed for the condition they are in. From preventative steps to post-injury treatment and safe return to work duties, we will provide a comprehensive approach in order to ensure overall satisfaction for each one of our patients.

Oftentimes, an injury at work can impede your job performance, which is why you must follow a rehabilitation program that provides both cautious and aggressive approach to getting you back to work in a short time and at a high-performance level. Sometimes, our patients need to do more in order to establish good healing, and sometimes, they need to do less to establish good healing. That’s why we’re here; to find the perfect balance while working on you in a timely fashion so that you can safely return to your everyday lifestyle.

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