Adjustment Techniques

Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

At Action Physical Therapy, our Chiropractors and Physical Therapist focus on the back.   We use different adjusting techniques based on the specific area of pain.  Regardless of the chiropractic adjustment techniques used, each Chiropractor’s goal is to restore and enhance joint function.  By enhancing joint function leaves patients feeling better while reducing pain resolving from joint inflammation. Some adjusting techniques use spinal mobilization, while others use spinal manipulation.

Drug Free Option to Pain

One of the best things about adjusting techniques is that they are a drug-free treatment option, so you can ease the pain in your body totally naturally. We would also like you to know that your level of comfort with getting your spine adjusted is what’s important to us.

Medical Conditions Treated with Adjusting Techniques

At Action Physical Therapy, we treat patients who suffer from:
• Headaches;
• Backpain;
• Neck pain;
• Sciatica;
• Stroke;
• Disc degeneration;
• Arthritis Rehabilitation;
• Spinal cord injury.

Adjusting techniques are a part of the medicine that is concerned with diagnosing, treating, and preventing mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They also treat the effects of different disorders on the general health, especially the nervous system. As a matter of fact, chiropractic adjusting techniques are based on the theory that the body will heal itself once it is given the right tools to do so.

What Kind of Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques Do We Do Exactly?

Simply put, we place your body parts in the proper position that helps the body to heal itself. With this natural approach, we reduce the stress caused to your joints creating the pain.  After a chiropractic adjustment, natural energy is restored and tends to prevent further pain. We are using drug-less and natural approach to help you reach your health goal. Your body is able to heal itself, but we’re here to create an environment that will facilitate the inner-healing process of your body.

The most common causes of vertebral subluxations include:
• Misalignment of the vertebra as a result of a fall or slip;
• Misalignment as a result of a poor posture;
• Joint swelling;
• Osteoporosis.

Precautions Regarding Adjusting Techniques

Some people are still skeptical when it comes to adjusting techniques, when in fact, these techniques are a totally natural and safe approach to healthcare, as they are performed carefully in a very precise manner. However, there are mild side effects that might occur after treatment, but these side effects go away within a day or two and usually include temporary discomfort, stiffness, or soreness in the body area where the patient was adjusted.
If you’re frequently dealing with backaches, headaches, and joint pain, and you still haven’t visited our clinic, then you’re missing out on a totally natural and effective treatment option. Join the hundreds of people who have experienced the benefits of adjusting techniques at Action Physical Therapy and make an appointment today!

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